Nominate a HearStrong Champion

Our Champions will serve as a powerful example of determination and perseverance to others in their community and beyond. The more people that we reach with our Champion’s story, the more opportunities we’ll have to change the way people view hearing loss in our society.

What it means to be a HearStrong Champion

  • Once named a Champion, he or she will serve to inspire others and help spread the HearStrong message
  • Our Champions receive an official naming ceremony celebration at their local provider
  • Champions are honored amongst friends, family, local celebrities and local press

Nomination Process


Tell us about the person you think exemplifies a HearStrong Champion


The nominee will submit a photo and complete a written interview for review


The nominee’s submissions and complete application are evaluated


The new HearStrong Champion is awarded an official certificate and gold medal

*The HearStrong Foundation reserves the right to select which Champions are published on the website and additional media outlets.

Ready to Nominate a HearStrong Champion?

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